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Sliver bling on summer days

Cool metal elegance is the perfect antidote to hot summer days

Hwang Hye Young

ECA HERA PETIT SV_BAG by A.Bell, 289,000 won 
A perfect mini bag for your phone and purse at 12.5cm-wide and 18cm-high. The custom jewelry and tassels are all made of silver but the small size keeps the bling factor under control.   
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Raindrop Necklace by Monday edition, 220,000 won
This bold chain and water drop-shaped decorations are inspired by Chopin’s Raindrop prelude.

Long Earring by H&M, 17,000won 
Measuring in at 9cm, these face-shaped earrings with green bead eyes are the perfect match for a ponytail.

Red Lip Crystal Necklace by ViaTORY, approx. 230,000 won
Unique. Cute. What's not to like about this little lip-shaped pendant and crystal decorations?

Spiral Silver Ring by Midnight Moment, 72,000 won 
This is one for the purists — a 92.5% pure sterling silver ring. Adjust the size by simply squeezing or pulling.

Lucky Charm BR_wood by JEM&PEBBLES, price 520,000 won 
This design was inspired by an African artwork celebrating the birth of a baby, with wood details on each side.