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A group of friends having drinks at a nightclub.
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How to enjoy a night out to the fullest

Whether you’re having dinner at a restaurant, drinks at the bar or dancing at a club, here are some tips on how to make the most of your night.

Time Out Seoul in partnership with Pernod Ricard

Catching up with friends over a couple of cocktails or partying the night away? The pursuit of a fun night out should be done in a safe and responsible way.

We’ve partnered with Pernod Ricard, to unlock the secrets to a fun-filled night out that will be remembered for all the right reasons. As a leading wine and premium company and ‘créateurs de convivialité’ (creators of conviviality), Pernod Ricard believes that there can be no convivial moments with excess and that we should all drink more water while we’re out and about.

Here are our top tips on how to drink responsibly to make the most of your night.

Tips on drinking responsibly

Know your limits

It’s important to listen to your body and respect your limits – you actually get to enjoy your night more by knowing how much to drink, when to stop, and when not to drink at all. So how much alcohol is too much? Alcohol affects different people in different ways, depending on various factors like gender, age, weight, and genetics, but the general guideline is to go slow and drink in moderation.

Don't give in to peer pressure

We know it’s challenging – studies show peer influence is one of the most common motives to overdrink. If you want to curb your drinking, stand by your decision with confidence. There’s no shame in saying no and your peers should respect your choice. Be a good friend and lead by example, take care of your friends, and make sure no one is left behind. No one likes hanging out with that person forcing everyone to have another round, anyway.

Be safe

A key part of a fun night out is ensuring the safety of both yourself and others. Plan out how you’re going to get home in advance – whether that’s designating a sober driver, using a ride-sharing app or taking public transportation. Taking the last train or bus home can also help you save some serious coin.

Hydration is key

It’s never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach. Stick to a standard pour and pace yourself. Drink lots of water as alcohol consumption increases the body’s need for fluids. Water helps the body stay hydrated and protects the brain. A good rule of thumb is to drink a glass of water for every drink you consume.

Drink more water

The next time you’re out having a drink, be sure to drink more water and encourage your friends to do the same. By incorporating the above tips, you're sure to enjoy your night to the fullest! 

Pernod Ricard is committed to promoting responsible drinking so remember to pace yourself the next time you’re enjoying a glass of champagne, a sip of whiskey or a shot of vodka. To find out more about Pernod Ricard’s Drink More Water campaign, check out the video below.